Successful marketing begins with your BRAND.
Do your customers know who you are...why they should buy from you?
How does your brand stack up against your competitors'?
Does your brand maximize the value of your products?
Are you just not getting invited to the table?

The Hayden Group can help. We specialize in brand "facelifts" and marketing launches for companies and products. We help you strategically define your brand, articulate it for the highest impact, and integrate it into marketing efforts, PR, and your Web presence. We are a seasoned marketing SWAT team with hi-level experience both at blue-chip agencies and as client decision-makers. Because we work holistically, we are both more efficient and more effective. We have a winning track record with both technology and consumer companies.
Contact us for help with:
>> Company and product positioning
>> Branding and RE-branding
>> "Facelifts" for your Marketing, PR and Web
>> Company and Product launches
>>The Hayden Group sponsors the Synergos Series: guest speakers,
      networking and brainstorming in an intimate setting. June 26th,
      "Doing Well by Doing Good: Three Successful companies dedicated
      to Social Entrepreneurship"   MORE

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